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The saddest part of my experience is that there are still old people who will treat you with disrespect because of your age, the way you look, or both.... The older women that has been helping out the new women at the clerk assistance office has been super disrespectful every time I had questions the last two times I’ve been here. The first time I went in she was agitated about the questions I asked and was rude for no reason. I came in today with the things I needed to fix for my court date. She tells me that I first have to get on the list for today so I tell her that I already am. I show her my temporary operating permit given to me by the DMV and a paper receipt saying I paid my reg. (Because they have to send it through the mail since I started it online) She told me that they don’t take these and that this was not my registration without even asking any questions. Instead of talking with me she proceeded to just tell me I’m wrong. The amount of attitude and disrespect shows how this place is really ran. I hope the things that are bothering her don’t continue to affect her work life.

Beautiful/Awesome historical building built in the 1870’s. Had court today for a speeding violation of 98 in a 55. The traffic judge heard me out and reduced my violation from 98 to 70 in a 55 with option of traffic school. Very nice judge and helped to save a point on my record. If you’re gonna get a ticket make sure it’s in Colusa. Lol

Good luck getting anyone to pick up a phone. I guess it's hard to pick up a phone or return a call in 18 hrs.

Fake court. Fake Judge. Fake justice. Don't look for justice here, everything is set up between the lawyers and the judge. If your a victim and the criminal has a layer then there no reason to even go to court. I brought these people a criminal that assaulted me, my son, and made threats. The judge said because I went around people sitting next to a line that it was my fault and let the criminal walk out. The DA didn't know anything about the case and even began to question my character as a victim. American justice is corrupt, it happens at this courthouse.

Mysteriously getting random traffic tickets on my record I didn’t know about until I pulled them up!!! Something fishy is going on here.

I don't think anyone does like this place..... Its not so much the place as it is what happens to a lot of good ppl and bad ones to....

The local Law Enforcement in Goldsboro , have nothing better to do then waste tax payers time and money prosecuting Innocent people ! Very sad to say the least !!

Worthless group of individuals can be found here from their civil division to their criminal appointments. They say I owe them $8800 but their records indicate the amount is $0.00 I'm sure there is a good explanation of the matter but they would rather transfer you around to different departments to circumnvent the inevitable. Individuals on the phone have an attitude when called for information, typical government business where no matter what their lousy employees do they will not get fired. Reminds me of the Veterans Administration, another group of worthless individuals in my opinion.

Tiffany in the clerk office was extremely helpful and clearly laid out the steps I needed to take. Thank you!

They are only taking 30 people at a time! Be prepared to stand outside in the cold for 2 hours! WARREN DISTRICT COURT do better!! If you can only take 30 people into the courtroom ONLY schedule 30! Unacceptable!

This place is a joke. They will do absolutely nothing to assist you, and will essentially tell you to get bent. It is the epitome of bureaucracy, and these people do not care about you at all. Their profession, and everything they do and stand for is a joke, and should be treated as such. All they are doing is contributing to the ever more unified hatred of the US justice system and the individuals who choose to work within it.

Ebony Harts-field is absolutely amazing if it wasn't for her I wouldnt have been to save my house from a shafty landlord (deerhurst) don't move there.

Every time I talk to someone I am told something different. Obviously more job training is needed. Desi & Rita lack skills needed to deal with the public. Even when clearly printed they have no idea of what the correct eviction process is & should not be advising others. The attitude given when corrected could cause someone to rock the orange jump suit.

Very unhelpful! Went there to inquire about filing a temporary emergency custody order for children presently in my home and care just to learn there's not a process in place in NC. NC has the worst mental health and child welfare laws.

Autumn was amazing! She answered all my questions and was just as nice as could be. I'm from NJ so its always such a surprise to be received with kindness and not hostility from public employees. Thank you Autumn

Don't even bother coming to fight a ticket. They rescheduled my court date and never told me (and at least three other people) but they said we could still Be seen today. They treated me like a waste of time and pushed me out as soon as I walked in. They obviously had the right address because I got 30 letters from attorneys that wanted to represent me so they definitely could have warned me of my date change. Everything was so rushed and disorganized. They only reduced my fine from 68 in a 55 to 64 so the ticket was now $208 not 220. Still got the points too. Not only did I Catch the lamest break, but I paid gas money and wasted vacation time On top of it. Just shows their utter disregard for anyone's well being but their own, they're just trying to take as much money as they can from the public. $35 for my offense, and $185 in "fees".. and I'm sure the only justification they have for the insane fees is "there's nothing you can do about it"

Absolutely the most least informative crowd I've ever spoken to. Every question is answered "I have no idea".

I was in a situation where someone wrote bad checks on me and I did not want the person to go to jail because at the time they were dealing with an addiction but agreed to go to rehab so I paid the checks and the lady that I paid the monies to was the clerk of court and her name was Joan Simpson and this was 2010 and praise God she still works there today! She is absolutely the greatest she worked with me until I got it all paid off and she wasn't hard on me if I missed a payment because I would just simply tell her the truth and she was there for me and understood what I was going other words she's just great at what she does! She is the kind of person that needs to be working in these types of places and I just thank God for her and I thank God for sharing her with the world because she is absolutely in Earth Angel 🌎😇 and to be honest even though I had to pay money I thank God I got to cross paths with this lady because she gave me hope that I still have today 10 years later that there are still wonderful people in the world blessings to all of you and yours, Shan Manning 🙏🏼💞💯

A lot of people are upset because of fines or other matters but I've always received a great level of professionalism. Happy to get the help I can when I call.

Had jury duty here. The older bailiff in the courtroom is sooo rude. I am on a Medicine that makes my mouth very dry as well as pregnant and the officer at the entrance said I’m allowed to have a water bottle. I even had a dr’s note faxed in. After sitting there in those hard, uncomfortable benches for hours on end, I took a sip of my water and that older bailiff was incredibly rude and cruel to me. When we came back from lunch he made me open my bag to see if I had water. He wouldn’t even let me explain I had a Dr’s note and the previous officer said I could. My husband is so angry with the way he treated me. He should learn some common courtesy.

Tried to reschedule my Court date, due to vehicle problems. Was told I can't reschedule. Judge issued a warrant for my arrest, even tho I was in the courtroom. Had it fixed (luckily) was all the result of sgt Williams refusing my insurance on a stop and taking my tag. Refused my insurance! Tried calling to complain about this. They gave him my number and had him harass me! Jokes county's finest

I have been involved with three civil matters in this court. I have found the Judges to be fair, patient and understanding. I found the Deputies to be concerned for the peoples safety. The Clerk of Court is very patient and willing to help. This is a great example of what a court should be in a Democracy.

Nice to know that my question goes to voicemail and never answered. Even when calling back I get no answer. Already suspect some shady action, hate to see that its proving true.

Whoever works as the receptionist shouldn't be aloud to answer phones, called to ask about a ticket and was rudely answered and was no help at all.

Very curupt town and judges. Don't expect to get fairly treated and be given all your rights. Note to all the town people here: you need to vote out these curupt people that control you here. Vote out these curupt judges and politicians here.

I have had the worst experience dealing with the Rowan County Courthouse. I got a speeding ticket before covid and I received a notice that they changed my court date to a different date. The date they gave me changed again however the court house never sent me a second letter of my new court date and when I tried calling the clerk of court I was rudely told that I would have to appear in person in which I live over an hour away! The system was supposed to generate me another court date and mail it to me but they never did...Now I have a FTA and a fine and I will have to get an attorney! This is another case of someone trying to get over on people due to Covid 19

Number given on the internet is not a valid number. Keep getting a message saying "there is no mailbox associated with this number". I will be talking with the district senator and congressman. Have already left a message with the governor's office. How is anyone supposed to get ahold of the courthouse without a valid number. Very very frustrating

I came from West Palm Beach Fl.on a very short notice I had an half day to take care of all that I needed on that day at the Courthouse. From the time that I walk in Lumberton N.C Court House, staff greeted me and my family will a beautiful smile and was so very courtesy. They gave us great direction on which way to go and we had numbers of area that we needed to visit before my time was up there. One area we needed an appointment to get what we Needed We nicely addressed our problem and they got right on it and we was out of there in no time. You young Ladies in Vital Records you are great. Robeson County Courthouse continue to prove Quality Customer Service we the Public see your excellent work..

I’m a Bail Bondsman, I’ve only done business here twice (about 3 years apart). But I’ll have to give credit where it’s due. Both times these people were extremely helpful and very kind to me. Common courtesy is not too common these days.

Here in this fine establishment they run traffic court alongside criminal court. This means you not only get to sit through the world's slowest roll call, you get to sit through a slew of breaks and felons being read their rights before you're called up to discuss your speeding ticket 3 hours later. They also don't grant any continuance by phone. So if you're unable to make your court day for a family emergency they will not work to reschedule. They will instead issue a warrant for for arrest, FOR A SPEEDING TICKET. 0/10 would not recommend getting pulled over anywhere near this travesty of a county

Many thanks for politeness of staff. Prompt & responsive as well! I had to call three times to ask for a fax to my home clerk of court & was received with kindness. (Yeah, my clerk said they never received it...) All public offices could learn from these people. Thank you.

The court is way too crowded. Have to go to a whole separate floor to use the bathroom. I haven't seen them enforce their rules. It is easy to find. They do make you feel safe.

Worst experience since covid started, they schedule WAY too many hearings all for 8:45 AM then take in 24 people and tell everyone else to come back in 2 hours. They repeat that all day until the last docket time. Then they tell you to come back in the morning, you will sit outside a courthouse the entire day unless you live really closeby. Also worth noting, you HAVE to check in at each time block they reschedule you for.

Took 7 hours for a speeding ticket then had the nerve to take a break for a hour so technically waited they need a better system of running things HORRIBLE got there @8:20 bc Court time said 8:45 they wouldn’t let us in til 9 .. they had so many cases that should’ve been on different days

This monument is on the Perquimans County Courthouse lawn, a tribute to one of Perquimans County's favorite sons, Jim "Catfish" Hunter. Not only a great baseball player, but a great human being.

Site not working unable to open calendar take me to history of the court house.

Shout out to Mrs. Tenise Long. She is very respectful and professional. She knows how to do her job with proper customer care.

Took calling twice to get an answer, also not very chatty people, but as far as other reviews go I was not transferred from department to department and the lady I spoke with was helpful and handled my business quickly. 3 stars

Clerk of court does not know how court works. They give out false information to people. They will tell you you can just have a witness write a statement and bring in which is false a witness must be present a judge will not even look at your statement even if it's notarized.

this is THE worst I've ever been to. not a single person in that building knows really what's going on and they definitely are not capable of helping you out either. considering I've never been here and I don't know where to go. would have been nice to get directions. then once I was in the court room I sat or 3 hours before being spoken to not even delt with , tack on an additional 2 hours untill my problem was solved. not to mention if you parked on the street down town because you couldn't afford to pay a parking lot fee well then on top of whatever ticket you went into solve welp now you got a parking ticket. most corrupt money hungry organization I've ever seen

I was helped by Richard today and he was so helpful! Thank you so much for your help and understanding!

Very rude and was talking to others while looking up my information. No urge to help and acted like a smart a**.

I would highly recommend the staff of this county courthouse get together ASAP and have a discussion about how to speak or interact with a conversation. I spoke with a lady in the clerk's office today and it was very well, polite and all around ok, but when asking about a persons race don't say "Was he colored?". This conversation was done over the phone and you don't know the race of the other person and who you maybe speaking with so please be mindful of the words you choose cause the conversation could have easily turned left VERY QUICKLY. I understand you don't have to hide your identity but you may want to reconsider who you work for because you do REPRESENT the county that makes out your paycheck.

I just completed my first day of jury duty today. If I have to offer one suggestion, it would be to have some signs as people enter the lobby to let jurors know which floor to go to. The building is beautiful and it’s easy enough to see how to get through security first thing. But once you’re in there really isn’t any direction on where to go as a juror unless you just stop someone and ask. OK, maybe two suggestions: have some decent coffee available! Aside from that, there were probably at least another 200 people that had also been summoned for today. You get the feeling that this is a pretty regular amount of people, and they have the division of all parties into their assorted court rooms down to a science. I think the main reason I wanted to leave such a positive review isn’t just because the facilities are very nice, and for a day of public service the creature comfort’s are not bad (they even played a Kevin Hart movie while we waited!) but because the staff working in all areas of the process are very sympathetic and friendly. The front desk check in staff walk everyone through the parking validation process and where to sit when checked in with a friendly and even demeanor. Orientation is thorough and backed up with a video that helps participants understand a bit more about the process. My section wasn’t called until the end of the day, but the deputy and the judge we’re both very sympathetic to the fact that everyone had given up a valuable workday to come and perform their civic duty. The prosecutor and defense attorney on the trial were also very cordial and I was extremely impressed with how everyone still managed to keep an upbeat attitude even at the end of the day. I’m not sure if we all were just lucky, but each person in the process that was assisting us - from security checking bags upon entry to the judge presiding over the case- had a really good sense of humor. I actually had fun at jury duty, would highly recommend it! ;)

Giving it one star is actually being nice THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVERE EXPERIENCE 90% of the staff is incompetent and treat people as if its an inconvenience to do their job, I hate this place

Ahhhsss take it so long I do hate come in over here es so bore I do wanna to get out sssshhh

People will give a courthouse negative reviews all day, because what else do you go to one for? Not typically anything good haha, so here's a 5 star review. And thank you for allowing us our marriage license! AH! there is something good!!

Macon country Clerk of Court has failed to do there job. I went and took care of tickets so my licenses wouldn't be suspended. I went to change my licenses to GA and I found out that the tickets I had already tooking care of had not been taken care of because of there mess up. Now I'm having to wait can't drive to work or anywhere because of something they messed up on. and not only that I had been be driving on suspended licenses and didn't know it because I took care of what I was supposed to. Now I am having to wait after they told me it would be taken care of on Tuesday and here it is Thursday and now telling me it will be next week. Macon county do your job!!! If I would have went to jail because of something y'all messed up on I would have done what ever it took to make it right!!!

We've had so many court dates canceled or changed by the court so many times, and each time this happenes they refuse to give anyone a call to make you aware that you are or are not supposed to be there, and they just seem super disorganized overall, which could mean people could end up in jail for missed couet date. This is the worst experience I've ever had with a court house. They really need to get it together.

I had the need of three of our office’s , the estate , tax and cashier , I found all three to be a pleasurable experience , especially the estate office , not only nice and helpful but above what I had expected , thank you employees , I also might add the officers did and outstanding job , thank you all !!!

Here waiting on my son been waiting for 3 hours now I hate this place.

I will say I’ve never seen a judge ask for everyone to stand and yell, “Go Heels!” He was having a side conversation with a colleague. Also there was a Spanish speaking lady there and a translator was unavailable. THE D.A.suggested doing a “language line” and Faircloth resounded with, “I’m not doing all that! We will reschedule and get a translator!” He then asks if someone waiting can translate the continuance date smh. Why not use the “language line”. You’re on salary. Do your job.She’s a Citizen like all else and if there is an alternative to a human translator then provide it to her. He later says how he knew minimal Spanish while speaking to the blonde lady next to him and how he only knew enough to “piss them off.and not tell them anything important.” Some things are better left unsaid. Throughout court he also made little side bar comments that’s could be considered obnoxious without a doubt. As the things were being read for individuals, he would say “not looking good’, or “yea that’s probably a good idea.” Very fececious and unprofessional. You can tell a lot of things go on behind the scenes in that courthouse. I had an attorney say she could have my ticket done without me getting points but she’d need to speak to another DA bc the one that was there wouldn’t lenient. She said that I could pay her 200 and she would continue it and make sure it’s tossed out through the other DA and not the brown haired lady that was currently there. The justice system is about money and ppl like Faircloth who display discrimination and say “pay the costs” to all individuals. It’s how you say it...but with his other comments I can tell he’s used to power and just wants the day to finish. They definitely need more minorities bc some things are so clear. I went to pay a ticket which I haven’t had any in the past 5 years or so and they needed me to pull money from the atm bc their card reader wasn’t working. Messy.

Great place! Need though a bunch of terrible times but 2019 has brought in great stuff. Looks real good for a building built in 1938. Great small town that make up a farming county. Could use more amenities but this courthouse is one of the best. Great people too.

Due to Covid-19 you have to wait outside in Line. If your not early your late and the line will be very long. Once inside the process is quick and simple. Waited in line 45 minutes and once inside I was out the door in 5 minutes.

Being a REALTOR in Johnston County, I can perform much more efficient here to help the public with their real estate needs due to the assistance of Michelle Ball and her staff. I have sold real estate in other counties and went to their clerks offices to obtain information. It makes me very proud to say there is nothing like Johnston County anywhere. They are awesome to work with.

The stairs are worth the climb to see the breathtaking views of Sylva. This historic site towers majestically over downtown.

I had a pleasant efficient phone call with them , rescheduling my hearing date.

Stick to hog and chicken farmin' rather than governance. Governance isn't your thing podunks

Must have an appt for anything dealing with final estate paperwork. Very rude officers that acting like we were supposed to know this. Nothing on their website about needing an appt.