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Susan in Estate area of Clerk of Courts office was fantastic to work with. I felt she went out of her way to help me. She seemed very knowledgeable and wanted solve my problem.

They simply do not care. Too many cases for them to handle and all they want is your money. Oh well.

Absolutely no good. Refused to allow me and my fiancé to be married here even though I grew up about 2 minutes from the courthouse and that is where all of my family is at. These Covid restrictions are getting on my last nerve. I was told I was unable to be married since I am a Johnston County resident.. Although I live just outside of Angier now and I technically have a willow spring address. We are really sad we had to deal with this as we can not find anybody to marry us.

Stacy Weaver is a horrible lawyer. If you get assigned him, request a different lawyer. Over charges hours, doesn't return phone calls nor emails. You sit blind til your court date. He doesn't know your case til 5 mins before court.

The security guard was rude, had a attitude, and had a unpleasant tone in his voice. I’m a type 1 diabetic and I need my necessary electronics that gives me my insulin and monitors my blood sugar levels. He wasn’t very understanding and still denied me to bring my necessary things that I needed inside the courtroom. I didn’t like his behavior nor him.

Settled my traffic ticket right before covid 19 hit in march 2020. Thought I paid it, got a letter in august telling me i have until oct to pay fine or liscrnce gets pulled/suspended. Could not get Anyone from the courthouse to answer the phone. Trued for days, so i looked up the times it is open. Their site saus 8am to 5pm monday thru Friday so i figured i would drive from west virginia to Greensboro and pay it personally. I get there at 330pm on a Monday and they tell me they close at 3pm! I told them my situation they said oh, the new times are posted on the guilford county site. I looked thos courthouse up 10 different eays Everything I saw said open 8 to 5pm. The guard just told me oh well, i just work here. They need to fix their damn site! All that way for Nothing! Answer the phone!


Everyone in the clerks office is very nice! And the civil court judges are very respectful! I feel they truly want the best for you. And they give you the chance to take responsibility for yourself and to be the better person all around. I am thankful to have had the experience of seeing this and pray other courts follow Oxfords lead.

I have always had a enjoyable time and experience when I have had to come for the judicial process! Thank the good lord for the best clerk of courts in the state, T. Holloway! Very informative and through and especially kind!

Telling the truth in court doesnt work! You need an attorney and those can cost more money than most people make in a lifetime!! If you dont pay the attorney and keep paying and keep paying and keep paying then you lose. I spent $250,000 and when i ran out of money I lost even though I truly had the truth on my side. Also agree with other reviews the clerks treat you bad no matter how nice you are.

I was pleasantly surprised when calling Gaston County clerk of courts office. Both ladies I spoke with were knowledgeable, helpful and professional. They were more than happy to help me with my needs.

Typical courthouse, had to go for a traffic ticket for my daughter. Court started at 930a, case wasn’t heard until after 1p but that was expected. Security is very strict. Vending area with drinks and snacks and public restrooms. No real parking lot or garage, free street parking around the actual courthouse. Wheelchair accessible. Ticket was dismissed after my kid took a 4 hour driving class, saved our insurance premiums & her a lesson in watch her lead foot!!

Not the staff’s fault but they don’t make decisions on whether court dates will actually happen(COVID related) until 2 days before the date. People have jobs they need to alert and schedule around and it’s honestly unacceptable..

The lady I spoke with at the clerk of court was rude. Your job is literally to direct us to what we need and inform us of the process to complete what we need done. Not give an attitude when it’s not like we can do it ourselves. Go get a job you’ll like so you won’t have to be so disrespectful to people who are annoyed at their speeding ticket just as you are with your job. At least I wasn’t having a baddy day.

I appreciate the professionalism and friendliness of everyone I encountered. I can't imagine all the issues you all must be dealing with daily. Thank you the officer who suggested a time to come to the court house when it may not be too busy. Thank you for Elizabeth making sure that I had all the forms needed soI could start a small claims court case. Thank you for everyone in the civil filing area explaining to me the process of filing. The person in the cashing area was friendly and efficient as were the women in the process 'serving' area. Thank you. I appreciate your making a stressful situation more manageable. Happy Holidays

I can't ever get up with anyone. I've called a dozen times, over the course of several months, to get a citation number for a traffic ticket. I get put on hold for over 20 minutes every single time.

Head judge Hardison appears to have not read the constitution and has no idea what the 1st amendment is. No phones or recording devices allowed in the court room is a clear violation of the 1st amendment. Allows his sheriffs and attorneys and other court workers this right, but not the people who pay for his position. Also his sheriffs will pull people away from the court house camera system and make up lies to arrest people with false charges. Witnessed that happen at least a few times, once by Officer Graham.

Head judge Hardison appears to have not read the constitution and has no idea what the 1st amendment is. No phones or recording devices allowed in the court room is a clear violation of the 1st amendment. Allows his sheriffs and attorneys and other court workers this right, but not the people who pay for his position. Also his sheriffs will pull people away from the court house camera system and make up lies to arrest people with false charges. Witnessed that happen at least a few times, once by Officer Graham.

Courteous and very knowledgeable staff. Excellent procedural explanations. Experienced long term staff members.

Nice people and service on the phone. Easy to talk to and happy to help! Wish I could say as much about the NC Judicial System. Transportation and law enforcement around here are out to make a profit more so than help people and have plenty of speed traps to make your life just that much harder.

They take way too long been here since 9:30 my wife only had a traffic ticket and it’s 11:30 now and she’s just coming out her last name begins with J. And now I’m late for work. I work in kitty hawk at the Walmart

Tried calling twice, to get info on one question..after 5 minutes they hang up. How am I suppose to get something done if no one can answer their phone?

This star is solely on the professionalism, respectful and fair Judge Tiffany Whitefield. She spoke 2 both parties with respect. I have felt with and witnessed way too many judges that are full if themselves and are just not kind at all. Even though the judgment wasn't 100% in my favor I have to speak on this amazing young woman. Cumberland County is blessed to have this Judge in their court. She has left a positive impression on me and my view of the court.

From viewing the Small Claims website, Craven County actually prefers that you not hire an attorney and just represent yourself. I now know why. It's not a Judge reviewing the case but a Magistrate and boy did I draw the short straw. This magistrate was not interested in seeing my receipts or documentation for damages on my house. If I didn't know better, I would say this is how Craven County found out they could cut cost by having people pay court fees upfront, have a magistrate "review" (and I use that word loosely) your case and then dismiss the entire thing. I feel cheated not only by my tenants but by Craven County District Court. And yes, I wrote a formal complaint to Judge Walter Mills back in September 2020. Still waiting on his reply. What a joke!

I mean why does the girl on the phone have to have an attitude AND be super informal? I called once and got a very friendly lady but the second time the other girl was so rude. I just had questions because they don't give you any information about how much court fees are and I know I am not the only one who needs to know that. Two stars because of the first lady and the last DA who was really nice.

They dont email. They dont fax. I have rights to documentation to a ticket i got. Nothing i can use to send to my ins co that it got it. The woman I talked to was useless. Had to call state to complain against them.

I attempted to make contact with someone at the courthouse, by phone, during the time that the courthouse had closed due to covid. I called for two weeks and received the same recorded message that no one was available to take my call, nor could I leave a message and have someone return my call. I finally put something in writing and mailed it in. I received a response from that. The response came from Lisa P., who was extremely rude, abrupt and appeared to be agitated that she even had to deal with me. I asked one question in my letter, which she couldn't answer. She did promise to find out the answer and call me back the following week, which she did. Once again, she was rude, abrupt and appeared agitated. I addressed this fact and she made no attempt to change her behavior or apologize. I understand that working for and with the public can be a draining and distressing job, but if one chooses to go into public service work, the job should be done, if at all possible, with politeness, kindness, good manners and professionalism. Lisa possessed none of these qualities in either of our phone conversations. I guess I simply expect too much when I expect our professionals to be, well...professional. I hope this will be my last dealing with the Shelby County Courthouse.

All the store are very safe and has everything and not too crowded

Well, back in day when the Court House was first placed in that mountain side . their was 6 other men including myself that placed that building into the most beautiful an peaceful little town and area i have ever seen or had the chance to see from the winter till the summer those other ironworkers that's got to see an experience it with me were truly blessed . I see now the other government buildings that had later gotten built after the courthouse w3as that i built. I worked for a steel erection company that done the iron an welding an we spent time up their in gods country an i just wanted to post an say , " i dont know how the courthouse is ran up their but i would pray it is the top of the line being blessed to be where an how it was up their , but i do know that if anyone ever wanted to just see the most awesome an beautiful places on earth that one would dream of an meet the most true friendly good people is , then go here to Clay County NC . " YALL ROCK !

Nice scenic architecture. But, just another source of big government and establishment politics.

A little disappointed. Not a single basketball, racquetball, or tennis court in sight. And metal detectors seemed slightly unnecessary for a quick pickup game

5 out 5 stars. Highly recommend. They speak to you like a human beings, they give instructions with respect.

I'm rating this solely for the Veterans Memorial sitting out in front of the courthouse as I've never been inside the building itself. The Veterans Memorial was really nice and a great tribute to the military.

The address is listed incorrectly online. I called the clerk of court’s office and the automated system’s greeting stated a slightly different address. I spoke with the clerk of court to confirm. Correct address is 117 NC Hwy 343 N (not S as it shows online) Camden NC.

I've had great experiences with the Caldwell county court house over the years I've live in Caldwell. They have very knowledgeable staff who have helped me with probation wills to back ground checks for renters and employment. 5 stars all the way!

This court house has a historical past in Lenoir but if you don't break the law, you won't have to sit inside of it.

Prejudice at it’s best! Everyone in this building has not a inch of religion or respect for anyone! Entire staff needs sociology, psychology and professional behavior classes and training!

Very friendly staff and most helpful. Business was conducted quickly and efficiently and with a smile. Staff went out of the way to be helpful. Maybe should put a sign on the door to say leave cell phones in car just to save one more step.

They don’t even deserve one star worst people with terrible attitudes judgey inconsiderate and seem to hate their life and you

My accommodations in the county jail were less than desired. I was under the impression that this would be an excellent mountain getaway, but it turned into a total nightmare. The hosts of this facility were rude, and shockingly there were no doorknobs on any of the doors. It seemed like quite a fire hazard, although everything is made of steel and concrete. Before settling me into my final accommodations, they kept me in a large room that was colder than Pluto for 15 hours. My roommates were an odd bunch of characters. You'd think they would screen their visitors before allowing them to stay at their facility. I can't be certain, but I believe some of these gentlemen may have been criminals of some sort. The ambiance and decor was horrific. Everything was a drab grey color, except my jumpsuit. The only color coordination they had was matching jumpsuits and plastic sandals. (I eventually received a white jumpsuit, although the orange ones were more visually appealing) The sandals they provided rubbed blisters on my feet, and they didn't give me socks. The food was atrocious. Having expected fine dining, I was utterly disappointed. The only wine they offered was fermented in a toilet. If you are expecting terrific service and fun activities, think again. I'd highly recommend seeking other accommodations. Once my getaway weekend ended, they had even lost my clothes that I wore into their facility. I was so ready to leave that I didn't even mind losing my favorite Pink Floyd shirt. 1/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

Says they're open on google, their automated phone system says they're open at this time during phase 2 of Covid. They are NOT actually open. They're happy to charge you for parking tho. Afterwards you are greeted with closure notices on the door.

Since covid they even more ways to make you suffer. I mean luxury destination such as this they really Gotta work hard to get 1 start . 1star for a jail is a good rating they say it'll make you not wanna come back. For some odd reason though everybody always come back. Like motel 6 says "we'll leave the light on for you." See you guys soon!

This is the most money grabbing town in North Carolina that I have ever seen. Scheduled HUNDREDS of people for traffic court today alone. No joke. We had to spend an hour and a half in line to pay off a "reduced" ticket that actually ended up costing more for us in the long run than the original speeding ticket. This is one of the most crooked counties we've ever had the displeasure of driving through. The officer that wrote the ticket pulled us because we had out of state tags instead of the person beside us who was going even faster than we were. Come to find out, speedometer was off on our truck. Doesn't explain the crooked handling of the situation though. I do not recommend doing any kind of business in this county, let alone driving through it. Take the long way around Windsor area, it will save you $275. Yes, they charge a $6 credit card fee for paying by card, as if they didn't steal enough money today from tax payers.

Omg court is awesome! So much fun I mean where else can you throw away a whole day and listen to real life drama!!! Hah

Watch out for this court house. The worst and most unprofessional individuals I have had to unfortunately come across. If you're from out of state they will discriminate against you. Especially if you're from New York. The cops will threaten you and think it's acceptable behavior. You either have to pay whatever amount they feel like making you pay (even if you're accused of something you didn't do), get a lawyer for $400+, or hope you don't live in a state where your license will be effected by this. This courthouse preys on out of state visitor's and try their best to make your life as difficult as possible.

Kind and considerate assistance at both the clerk of courts and register of deeds. Many thanks Mary Fielding

I know one usually would not rate and review a judicial department. However, I am because everyone who works here is so nice and friendly. They are nice and friendly even if you have to do business or have a simple inquiry.

The actual clerk is nice, the female that handles his phone calls is completely unprofessional and not helpful at all. Should be fired immediately.

We met a lady named Tonya today. She was nice, friendly, knowledgeable and helped our family in a professional manner. A very stressful situation was made better by her ability to navigate multiple forms. Much appreciated. Thank you.

I get it, it's never fun to be in a courthouse for the purpose of being in a courthouse. But to use it as a place for meetings, it's wonderful to enjoy the renovations. I appreciate this piece of history being restored and maintained for use by our county government as it helps also to identify our community.

As a father going through divorce I can say this clerks office is extremely helpful. They can't give out legal advice but they will point you in all the right directions and are super understanding, and patient of a newbies ignorance of the law. They have made my day better simply by being so nice and human. It is truly appreciated to deal with someone that can relate to you on a level of decency, especially when you are feeling that the world is being less than decent. I truly thank them from the bottom of my heart. They are also really speedy at what they do and I have never had to be in their office longer than 20 minutes or so. So THANK YOU to the Clerk's😊.

It's the courthouse, any time I have to go here my life starts going downhill. Glad I'm gone from Colfax.

This court does not bother to comply with the ADA, or WLAD. Don't expect the rule of law to be worth much in a backwoods kangaroo court like this. If you are a taxpayer in Whitman County the people who run this court are going to cost you a bunch of money which could be put to better use. Maybe your county should secede from the United States if you don't like the law?

The Guardianship Facilitator is 100% professional and so very helpful for a walkin! The other clerk, however was a little chatty and flirty with a guy that came in. While I was sitting filling out paperwork I got to hear this guy's entire life and divorce/custody story...although, in all the clerks are far more friendly than at the King county District courthouses! Maybe I'm just not used to hearing them listen and Care lol 😊

The county clerks office I understand is fast paced and diligent about their work/polices. But when you work for the county clerk's office you represent the county and the court. Having a rude demeanor, a disrespectful attitude and a condescending tone with an individual only seeking information to ensure being prepared and law abiding is in NO way acceptable. I urge that the clerks office understand that they are to represent not only the county but the court as well. It is for the people. To remember that when interacting with the counties citizens they need to be just as respectable as they would expect a citizen to act appropriately in the court house. The experience I received there was less then professional and quite frankly an embarrassment. The person obviously had no people skills, was very unprofessional, rude, and condescending. If there was a line to report such behavior from that office clerk since I would file a formal compliant so the behavior of that employee is corrected.

Very helpful and pleasant with new Washington resident license plates and tags.

I have had to go here several times for guardianship hearing and other matters. It is pretty campus but confusing to find where to go. Comprehensive signage and maps at the front would be great. The metal detectors are set more sensitive than airports. I have a metal rod in my leg. It doesn’t set off airport detectors but sets off detectors in every building here. If you have even a small amount of metal, even in your shoe, it will set them off. All staff are pleasant and professional in everywhere I have been here.

If I could rate no stars I would. I am currently on hold with these people and have been for 1 hour and 58 minutes. Is this even real life?????

One of the clerk lady's where very rude and short with me when I was asking about paying a fine...i felt like that was very unprofessional..traffic judge seems very understanding..very nice facility been looking at the mineral wall since I was a kid..i hope they never change this building