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We create exceptional experiences by connecting families with their advisors during estate settlement and inheritance.

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The #1 probate and estate settlement software.

Who will your client's family turn to?

Bringing a close to a loved one's financial life is a universal need, yet few advisors are equipped with the resources needed to advise their clients through the process.
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Over the next 25 years, an estimated $68 trillion will pass down across generations to surviving heirs and family members. That's a lot of money in motion.
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Businesses are not equipped with a scalable, mass-market estate settlement & inheritance offering, leaving 97% of families to fumble through the process alone. What an opportunity.
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After years of planning and building of relationships, only 2% of children retain their parents advisors following inheritance. Whoa, rapid attrition set to evaporate your book of business.

They turn to us,  we turn them back to you.

Atticus enables scalable estate settlement and inheritance services across your business, allowing you to remain involved throughout the process as their #1 advisor.
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Enhance their user experience

Digital and mobile platform offering delightful end-to-end experiences for your clients. Anytime, anywhere.

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Expand your services & competencies

Extraordinary life event for them, an everyday occurrence for us. Be with them when they need you most.

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Engage with new customer channels

Transform unavoidable life events into enduring advisory relationships with next-gen clients and new consumer segments.

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How We Partner

Atticus takes relationships to a deeper level by stewarding responsible inheritance across the next generation.
Atticus partnerships empower your business with delightfully modern estate settlement & inheritance services to help your customers during times when they need it most.
Achieve more with Atticus... for your clients, for your partners, for your business.

Atticus Copilot Dashboard

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Realtime copilot dashboard allowing advisors to streamline involvement by tracking progress & providing guidance.
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    Integrated advisor dashboards
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    Holistic view of relationship
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    Point of need engagement
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Affiliate Referral Program

Drive immediate value to your customers and partners through affiliate discounts or revenue sharing opportunities.
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    Offer a value added service
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    Build your marketplace
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    Broaden your audience
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Custom Tailored Offering

Customized partner offering, designed to fit the individualized needs of your customers and business partners.
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    Branding capabilities
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    Flexible content & resources
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    Custom API integration
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