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Alpine County, California

The Alpine County Courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. Ir was built entirely of native quarried stone in 1928. When it was built, Alpine County was still relatively young, having been established in 1864 as part of the famous Comstock Lode discovery in nearby Virginia City. Being isolated from most of California by the Sierra Nevada, especially during the winter months, Alpine County residents were more familiar with Nevada than California. When it came time to replace their existing 1875 wood frame courthouse, they turned to Reno architect Frederick J. DeLongchamps, who had already designed courthouses for seven Nevada counties as well as Modoc County in California. DeLongchamps favored the classical revival styles in his courthouse designs, and the Alpine County Courthouse design reflects his regionally adapted style. The original architectural plans called for a two-story courthouse, but financial considerations resulted in the revision of the plans to a one-story building.

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