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Barry County, Michigan

I was issued over $200 in parking tickets, while sailing Gull lake. I paid the launch fee and my vehicle/boat trailer was parked at launch. I was issued two tickets $120 each because I was parked after hours (no signage stating “no overnight parking). The two other people who I was sailing with were both parked there also, only I received tickets. I Tried multiple times to contact the township that issued the tickets, they keep odd hours and have been closed due to covid. I’ve contacted the court they informed me, due to the township being closed I missed my opportunity to contest the two different tickets I received... How can anyone think charging $120 TWICE for parking at a boat launch that I paid for is reasonable let alone even legal!?! Now I can’t even contact anyone at the Barry county courthouse! But they sent notification that they are suspending my drivers license, in which I will lose my CDL and be unable to work... all because I participated in a sailboat race on Gull lake and was unaware I could NOT be on Gull lake after 9pm... I would understand a $50 parking ticket, but $240 plus fees is insane and should be illegal!! Or I should at least have the right to contest!!

Very horrible when you are colored please don’t try to get help they will not help protect you against no white ppl which is not fair at all trial was not fair so it is ok to be stalked and not feel safe at your own home that makes no since so what should I do just feel scared while I go to sleep at night the judge was very horrible didn’t allow me to tell my part but just kept interrupting me I wish there was fairness in this world