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Bertie County, North Carolina

This is the most money grabbing town in North Carolina that I have ever seen. Scheduled HUNDREDS of people for traffic court today alone. No joke. We had to spend an hour and a half in line to pay off a "reduced" ticket that actually ended up costing more for us in the long run than the original speeding ticket. This is one of the most crooked counties we've ever had the displeasure of driving through. The officer that wrote the ticket pulled us because we had out of state tags instead of the person beside us who was going even faster than we were. Come to find out, speedometer was off on our truck. Doesn't explain the crooked handling of the situation though. I do not recommend doing any kind of business in this county, let alone driving through it. Take the long way around Windsor area, it will save you $275. Yes, they charge a $6 credit card fee for paying by card, as if they didn't steal enough money today from tax payers.