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Boone County, Indiana

I've never been so disrespected by a judge in my life. I was the victim in the case of domestic battery. I was not rude but my wife got some information wrong and I tried to inform Mr. Petit when he, at the top of his lungs told me to "SHUT UP!!!" I mean I could actually see the veins popping out of his neck and forehead. I'm pretty sure the entire courthouse could hear you. I'm not your defendant and never will be. A little respect goes a long way. I respect you as a judge but as a person you're just a mean human being. The only person you fined was me, the victim. Because she currently has an active disability claim. I left your voting spot blank because nobody ran against you and that's too bad. Judge Kinkaid has my respect as a judge and a person. UNBELIEVABLE the way you treat "the victim." Have a nice life.