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Boulder County, Colorado

When i arrived in colorado it took me a long time to find housing. Durring the search for property myself and some friends went to look at some land for sale. Property was fenced in gate open with a for sale sign we went to look at the property at which point the property owner locked the gate called the police and had us cited for trespassing. Now you think some petty little charges like this would be dropped by the courts rather quickly, how ever the courts here have offered me to drop the charges upon completling 6 months probation. they gave me 4 court dates to repeatedly offer this same deal over and over again. on the 4th court appearance i finally execpted under the terms that i would pay no money for anything involved and nothing would be scheduled for me to miss work. the first thing they do is schedule me a meetting with the crazy lady who called the cops during work hours, now the courts have revoked my probation for insisting upon staying within the terms reached. now the court wants to take it to trial. I just want you all to reflect on just how much tax payer money the courts have wasted pursing this petty trumped up charge against me. to take it a step further my co defendant in this charge has had her charges dropped FROM LACK OF EVIDENCE TO PROSECUTE!