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Buncombe County, North Carolina

I recently came here as a witness to my sister's hearing. The only other time I had been here was for a speeding ticket when I was 16. I work downtown, so naturally I had a push knife attached to my keys that I use for protection when walking to my car late at night, that I've had on there for two years and completely forgot I had it on there. It was an honest mistake. Well, the blonde female officer who was on duty that day was VERY rude about it as I explained to her that I forgot it was on there. As I'm taking it off my keychain, another woman approaches to check in and says, "Wow, do people not know the rules?" And the female officer replied, "Yeah I'd like to punch people in the face for not knowing them." I eventually got the knife off my keychain and was not allowed to bring it back to my car, so I was forced to throw it away. Then, as my bag was scanned through, I forgot I had a wine opener in my bag for work, as I work at a restaurant downtown and she was rude about that as well when I asked if I could just hand it to them to toss it out. Her reply was, "Trashcan right over there." I have NEVER been in trouble with the law and this was a less than desirable experience and officers wonder why the public dislikes them so much. Many of them have a God complex that needs about them that needs to get checked. Worst and most embarrassing experience I've EVER had with law enforcement. VERY disappointed.