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Cache County, Utah

Very good for the people who have settled down here in this town that I find reminds me of Andy Griffith's Mayberry when it comes to being able to have mercy and justice for the offending people. My experience with my son being found there in court was very blessed with such a great officiating group of law enforcement who still have hearts that show true love for all who show anything that will resemble effort to make a change.

Extremely nice and helpful clerks and office staff!! I think treating these extremely knowledgeable ladies with respect and self-humility, you’ll see how far they will go to take care of you. Here is a rundown of the last two days of interactions with the Logan Justice Court. The first person I interacted with was a ‘new employee’ she was super sweet and was eager to make sure I got help. She went and got “the expert,” Heather, whom was confidently-knowledgeable of the process of expungement and other viable options that I wasn’t aware of. Heather was my favorite person to deal with throughout several trips to two different courts, prosecutors’ offices, and my personal attorney’s office. I left the justice court happy after she handled my paperwork and fees. I drove back to the prosecutors’ office to deliver the filed documents, whom gave me additional paperwork to be filed back at the Justice Court, to which I returned. I then got the pleasure of meeting Kristen. Heather and Kristen went out of her way to make sure The paperwork was filed, even though they were literally walking out the back door at 5:05 PM. They recognized me by name and volunteered to help! THANK YOU LADIES, SERIOUSLY!! They informed me I needed to fill out an order for the judge and to bring it back the next morning and talk to Alison. I followed their instructions and met Alison this morning. The ladies from the day before must had informed her of my situation and filings, because Alison was on the ball and ready for me at 8:20 AM. She also had that confidence and knowledge to finish everything up quickly. She too was amazing, kind, and extremely helpful. I’m ecstatic to call her next week to finish the process. I had a great experience at the Logan Justice Court, because of these 4 women. I walked into the two courts extremely nervous and ignorant. I left the Logan Justice Court feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and these random strangers truly cared about me. Obviously, there are a few bad reviews on here; I think a lot of people show up frustrated to handle tickets/fees and end up disrespecting the clerks and office staff. These ladies are probably just doing their jobs and from my experience over the past two days, they do a damn good one.