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Calaveras County, California

The saddest part of my experience is that there are still old people who will treat you with disrespect because of your age, the way you look, or both.... The older women that has been helping out the new women at the clerk assistance office has been super disrespectful every time I had questions the last two times I’ve been here. The first time I went in she was agitated about the questions I asked and was rude for no reason. I came in today with the things I needed to fix for my court date. She tells me that I first have to get on the list for today so I tell her that I already am. I show her my temporary operating permit given to me by the DMV and a paper receipt saying I paid my reg. (Because they have to send it through the mail since I started it online) She told me that they don’t take these and that this was not my registration without even asking any questions. Instead of talking with me she proceeded to just tell me I’m wrong. The amount of attitude and disrespect shows how this place is really ran. I hope the things that are bothering her don’t continue to affect her work life.

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