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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
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Calhoun County, Michigan

Facilitation to obtain records is fast and simple: call, request documents, provide credit card. Documents are mailed the same day!

I've been here a few times (over several years) because a friend was attending court. Neither of us were from the area. The free and close parking was great. The stairs leading up are ubsurd, about 2 inches high (-1). Guards upon entrance have always been nice and friendly. The clothing attire and often loud offensive language in the hallways outside the courtrooms is insane (-1). If you are not from the area dress like how you dress to go grocery shopping. Because that way you will be more properly dressed than most with half the effort.

I work at a law firm and call courts all day, every day. Most people are helpful, but Darnetta is something special. She's friendly and positive and one of the most helpful court employees that I've ever worked with in my 25 years in law. She's a gem and they're lucky to have her!