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Carroll County, Georgia

All I can say is thank God I no longer live in Carroll County and have to deal with this office ever again. I have had to deal with document retrieval and printing in other county offices, but none so inefficient and even rude as this one. One operational computer out of four; I knew what to do, but ran into ridiculous roadblocks so that an eight or ten minute task took more like an hour and ten minutes to complete. The staff appears lax, slow, looks like they couldn't smile if their lives depended on it. Once I was finally allowed to print my own documents, they all seemed to avoid the sixty second or so job of getting my eight pages off the printer tray and taking my money, so that took forever also, even though there was only one person (an apparent attorney) being waited on in front of me. No one could stop what they were doing for sixty seconds? Although they could all see me and two or three walked by me. I printed the pages myself, which should have been fifty cents per page, but they charged me a dollar per page. I'm so thankful my tax dollars no longer go toward paying their salary. They certainly seem to have no respect for it.