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Chautauqua County, New York

The officers working the entrance/metal detector were five-star friendly and upbeat to the point I almost forgot I was going to court. The officers at the different check in stations were also friendly and helpful. Judge Foley (though I have a small sample size to judge him as a judge from....I have previous experiences with seeing him in action as a DA and even as a private attorney) from what I seen is better than good at what he does. He's very well spoken and explains stuff well making sure the defendant understands what is going on. It's no question it's his courtroom as he's confident and in control well on the bench. I'm sure I won't agree with him all the time but he runs the court room rather impressively and is one of if not the best judge I've seen at being a judge in the many I've seen thru out my life in person and on TV.

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