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Clare County, Michigan

I was transported and held in the clare county jail system for the 35th district court in plymouth michigan. The nurse diagnosed me with tonsillitis but i was refused any form of treatment other then the occasional Tylenol until my release 16 days after my diagnoses resulting in hospitalization. I asked correctional officer after correctional officer for medical kites. When that failed i asked for grievances (they reach higher up then tge CO's) only to be told i had no legal right to ask for one. To add to the correctional officers lists or neglectful behaviors a young man came in with some drugs like you see very often only this young man would spend his last days on earth in jail. He overdosed on his cell and when the CO came in we were told it wasnt his business that the next shift could handle it. Not but minutes after the kid quit breathing and his body was left in the cell for 4 hours. Its common for guards not to do hourly rounds but to pass threw at meals and end of the day count then a 5th time at lights out. Drugs plague the jail and are more common then envelopes. Over all this is has got to be the most ignorantly run county jail in the state. One last honorable mention to the fact that they served a raw potatoe to everyone in the jail for a meal one day and "made it up" by giving people double portions of powder milk.

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