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Cochise County, Arizona

Not only do they not answer phones, voicemails, emails or mail , they treat the other governing depts. the same. They put an erroneous arrear judgement on my acct (that has always been a payroll deduction from day 1!) on my acct. Never answered to clear things up and get things straight over the past 6 months. Now put a hold on almost $1k on my tax return due to their error! I wish there was a way for me or my local offices to get a hold of them.

Very frustrating! Kept getting told one thing from one person and a completely different thing from someone else. We are trying to transfer property over to my father and this office keeps giving us the runaround plus they NEVER answer their phones! We reside in Phoenix so it's not exactly convenient to come here to take care of this matter, which we have been trying to do for months! I am very unhappy with how things are run here.

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