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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
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Denver County, Colorado

I believe the people that were there today we prejudice against me for not knowing how to fill out paperwork . Because of that I was denied a fee wave for my court orders I could not pay for. My child father refused to bring our daughter to our drop off so I tried to file a contempt of court as his done many times and never get a section. This time I filed and was denied because I did not fill out the paperwork to the judges liking so for this my daughter father gets to keep her until I can take another day off work to go re file . Thank to the women who showed me what I was doing wrong. Shame on all the women in the files room who said they didn't know what to tell me. On top of that the women who I filed the modified odreds I need to revise our case did not stamp them so nothing was filed.

Got a DUI here about a year ago, and I'm thanking GOD himself it was here, and not in "Suburbia". It's been a "life changing" event with no excuses and fully aware of the mistake I made by driving under the influence. The whole process has been just and fair - from the Judge, and District Attorney, to my Probation Officer. I've had nothing but great support on my path to full sobriety. Makes me proud to say I was born and raised in Denver.

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