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Douglas County, Oregon

Beautiful building. Not much to say about the staff. Everytime I call for advice/answers the staff is unhelpful and rude. I went in for a name change and was unaware a marriage license counted as the only document needed for such a procedure. I was never told this or asked if I had been married when I had all my documents with me. If they had just taken that extra step to help me, they would have saved me a letter to the judge and an eventual denial of my $120 return. Really disappointed- and now, unnecessarily broke.

We visited today on our SW Oregon road trip visiting county courthouses. We loved all the architectural features of the Classical style. The building is stately and welcoming, not pretentious. Seems very fitting for this no-nonsense county that honors its veterans, our country and US traditions. Loved seeing county veterans honored for the wars they served in at the memorial garden and large semi circle bench. Especially endearing is the 120 year old elm which was likely planted at the dedication of the current courthouse after the last burnt down. This mammoth tree has at least 8 steel posts that support 1-3 branches each. Additional cables pull together these weighty arms that are covered with moss and ferns. It's a beautiful sight to behold. I feel it represents the county's intentions to honor noble people and ideas, as well as the show of resources to provide support as appropriate.

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