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Grafton County, New Hampshire

What's to days it's a court house will maintained looks nice but for the most part no one wants to be there

The buildings and facilities are nice, the courtroom has a theater feel to it the way the pews are designed but the parking lot is only accessible from one side making it very confusing if you're coming from the south and the guards at the door told us we were an hour late & our hearing had just ended which wasn't true at all...we were 10 mins late because of road work and the judge was reasonable Thank God. I'm a little disappointed in the system as to why I even have to appear there, I'm not guilty of the charge against me and it's hard to believe our systems are built on lies and false information. Justice to me, means finding the truth & nothing but the truth and prosecuting criminals, not innocent people who are just trying to live their lives free from abuse etc.