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Graves County, Kentucky

Very rude and inappropriately impatient. The women who represents the face of this facility are nasty rude, basis, and aggressive. Will tell and accuse you are wrong right off the top. When I lived there in the past I dreaded going there. I'd mentally prepare myself for the mental and verbal abuse. The rating should be non existent. I've been told to call the police station if I had a complaint. It was the most horrible moments dealing with these people who are supposed to help and guide you to the right office or direct you to the correct phome number. Understand Mayfield can be a confusing area for people new to the city like I was. Being military we will move often....i pray my family and I will not be treated like this again! I am clueless to why they become overly sensitive and mean when you call the wrong number and cannot direct or transfer you to the dmv ect. All I ask to be kind, respectful, and listen to the people.