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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

PARKING IS $$$ SO PARK AT 1099 ALAKEA, ALI'I PLACE. It is on the right hand side (same as District court) but a half block down (makai down), between King St. and Hotel St on Alakea. The right turn into the lot is NOT marked well so keep your eyes peeled. It almost just looks like a DRIVEWAY. Parking here for several hours was 6 bucks as compared with the municipal lots which can be 6/HR! Tight spaces but worth the hassle of trying to navigate the narrow turn-y drive in and around it. THE COURTS AND OFFICES ARE FREEZING COLD. WEAR LONG PANTS AND JACKETS. I found the District Court Employees direct, knowledgable and courteous. I had to file a TRO--never before and hopefully never again. They walked me thru the process and made it a lot easier. You must return the next day to pick this up and then deliver yourself to the police station closest to the Offender and then they take it from there. All new to me and explained carefully and without a rush. COURT IS FREEZING AC SO COME PREPARED! I found the Judge careful and patient with the idiot I filed against as he hemmed and hawed and then started going 'off' for exactly why I filed--so the judge smiled at me and granted the maximum TRO of 3 YEARS--WONDERFUL PERSON. MAHALO! Important points for business @ the offices there: 1. IF YOU GO AFTER NOON (12)--things will not be ready til the next business day. 2. IF YOU GO BEFORE NOON, IT IS READY THAT AFTERNOON. aloha

Family court doesn't care about protecting children. Judges space out during court and never seam to know what's going on. Im shocked that the judge is still allowing my sons mother to abuse him.

Such an amazing experience here!!! Judge Rhonda Loo is soooooo sweet and has a heart of gold !!! Highly recommend!!