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Howard County, Indiana

Seems that every visit to the courthouse has been delayed. I was under the impression that when a court date an time are set and you do not show, in some cases a warrant is issued for you. Now when someone sits for over an hour past the appointed time but the court staff hasn't showed up nothing is done. Why are they allowed to do what they want when they want with no repercussions? I would say these judges need to learn to manage their time better.....we are expected to do so. And I feel that I must say this as any court staff who reads this I want you to know I have no fear of you or what you may think you can do to me out of grudge. I'll speak my mind any court room. Always have I will not stop now due to all this bull of people getting offended over the wind changing. This goes for the judges as well. What do you have of me? Absolutely nothing except small claims court. Have a good one.