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Ionia County, Michigan

The secretary was very rude. I called the wrong part of the court office and she was not polite about it at all.

The employees don't even know how to accept payment for a traffic ticket. I offered to help someone pay theirs because it was their first offense, but was a mess and the ticket still isn't paid because the office that is supposed to take payments is clueless how to do such thing (how can this happen?). I lived in a different state for 9 years and never had a problem like this. After talking with the state police who issued the ticket, they referred me to a phone number which brings us back to the same people who are not sure what to do. The court worker found the ticket record and knows exactly how much to charge but didn't know how to get it paid. Please, someone with authority please come train your employees! This is obnoxious that a government establishment is so incompetent. The employee didn't know who could step in and help but confirmed it was her hired duty to accept court payments. This is day 8 and the ticket states that it should be paid in 14 days. Michigan State Police is just as surprised as we are, and can't figure out what to do because nobody else can take the money or void the ticket. Whoever sits in this position needs to be trained. We are trying to pay the ticket online and the online payment is a joke to figure out because it's like a check deposit to an account you're not sure if it's the right spot to put your money - a list of about 200 vague places that accept payment and several different selections seem like the right place. Of course the court employee has no idea how to help identify the right one because they've never seen the online pay system before, they don't know their official government office name, and they don't know who could help. The court employee was freaking out on the phone and I can't imagine that this is the first ticket ever issued in this county.