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Kent County, Delaware

Ruuuuunnnnnn!!!! This is one crooked a$$ court house along with everyone working in it and associated! They issue capiases for absolutely no reason and after u have been arrested and taken to prison they fix they eff ups and then basically have the Audacity to say sorry for the mixup like if you can get your time back or be compensated for your time or the job you just lost!!! Everyone in the state is very crooked and I suggest that if you were going to be represented by a lawyer here in the state of Delaware you run you run far or you make sure that you have a nice amount of money more than $7000-$10,000 just to give away to one of these lawyers who is basically going to not really fight for you but pretend they are. Don’t listen to the five star ratings that you see on Google for these lawyers they all work together with the judges and the prosecutors they all play golf together they all have dinner together and they all there are to scratch each other‘s back‘s they’re not here to defend us especially if you are of color and are considered minority ! I say leave the state as soon as possible and never come back !!!!!