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Lane County, Oregon

The court clerk Christine is extremely rude and unprofessional. How she is still employed is beyond my understanding. I understand that this job is probably not easy, however giving rude answers and being disrespectful is not the way to work. There is a difference between telling someone something and being rude and she most definitely is rude. This is not the first time I had the pleasure of interacting with this individual so my review is not based off of one encounter. Although you probably have some questionable people come in to file papers that doesn't mean you have to be so unprofessional. I csn not emphasize enough on giving her some training on how to be professional without an attitude and rudeness. If she doesn't want the job anymore ill be happy to take it and leave my job.

It doesn't get much worse then this. You don't even have a right not one. Your accusor does not have to face you. Its a sham.

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