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Lee County, North Carolina

I will say I’ve never seen a judge ask for everyone to stand and yell, “Go Heels!” He was having a side conversation with a colleague. Also there was a Spanish speaking lady there and a translator was unavailable. THE D.A.suggested doing a “language line” and Faircloth resounded with, “I’m not doing all that! We will reschedule and get a translator!” He then asks if someone waiting can translate the continuance date smh. Why not use the “language line”. You’re on salary. Do your job.She’s a Citizen like all else and if there is an alternative to a human translator then provide it to her. He later says how he knew minimal Spanish while speaking to the blonde lady next to him and how he only knew enough to “piss them off.and not tell them anything important.” Some things are better left unsaid. Throughout court he also made little side bar comments that’s could be considered obnoxious without a doubt. As the things were being read for individuals, he would say “not looking good’, or “yea that’s probably a good idea.” Very fececious and unprofessional. You can tell a lot of things go on behind the scenes in that courthouse. I had an attorney say she could have my ticket done without me getting points but she’d need to speak to another DA bc the one that was there wouldn’t lenient. She said that I could pay her 200 and she would continue it and make sure it’s tossed out through the other DA and not the brown haired lady that was currently there. The justice system is about money and ppl like Faircloth who display discrimination and say “pay the costs” to all individuals. It’s how you say it...but with his other comments I can tell he’s used to power and just wants the day to finish. They definitely need more minorities bc some things are so clear. I went to pay a ticket which I haven’t had any in the past 5 years or so and they needed me to pull money from the atm bc their card reader wasn’t working. Messy.