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Mecosta County, Michigan

I got a speeding ticket for 5 over. No big deal I deserved it. However, paying it caused me more problems that the ticket it self. The first time I tried to pay it was the day I went over, probably 4 hours after I got it. I went into the court office. They told me I could not pay it then because it was not in their system yet. The officer who was very nice told me to pay it right away. They told me to wait another 3 to 4 days to pay it. Also, that I had to pay it in 14 days or the amount increases. The second time I tried to pay was 4 business days later. I called around 4:40 because I know they close at 5. However they told me once again I can not pay. This time it was because their systems shut down after 4:30 even though they are open till five. So they told me to try to call again another day. I called the next day at 4:00 because that is the soonest I can do it with college. This time I was able to pay. However, when I called the guy did not tell me who he was or if I was in the correct spot. All he did was asked for my name. Once he had my name he asked for my card number. Then he put me on hold once he had my card number. Then he came back he told me he charged 120 to my account. It would have been good to know he was charging that much before hand but I guess I can afford that. Then he hung up once he told me he charged it. I still dont know his name or even if he charged the correct thing. I am just left with a bunch of questions that I should not have. Hopefully my ticket is resolved. Overall it was a very bad experience. Not because of the ticket, but because of how they handled it.

This is the most corrupted bias prejudice favoring court of all time. This court allows sanction violations causing harms to a child. Allows Fraudulent motions. Fraudulent false claims. " look at pics we are the paintiffs. So serve yourself" only in i got you county. FRAUDULENT proof of service to get a case dismissed for favor to illegal saw mills and to protect dirty township. Enters motion to DISMISS " no service" and sets hearing 34 hours later .To get DISMISSED. " attaches motion for hearing. Hearing all to order if dismissal:" Judges take cases from other judges while married to moisd teacher who has special privlages of bring home confidential info on child involved in case. Stays case for 14 months allowing harms to continue. Threatens you . Advises defendents how to railroad case. Allows stay violations . Violates federal court stay orders in way of filing warrent on your att .To illegally take your case file to assist defendents. Threatens you again in way of retaliation for exposing wifes illegal privlages of accessing info at home in his house. Allows malpractice suit to be filed on att he took case from .Knowing we refused terms to suit with att . in hopes malpractice with his idea of set aside will protect dirty township and his wifes moisd info violations. More threats. Custer vs hartline judge nichols " my p.o.s att 2001 2002" lol should of never been allowed on case . Judge hill kennedy ." cheif dirt" judge booher . Judge matuzac sit in judge due to exposing other dirty judges .. Custer vs larson .Judge hill kennedy dirty work . Judge matuzac called in to bat clean up. Lol Custer vs hartline federal court grand rapids mi. Judge dales. All doccumented facts . if anyone needs proof of how these corrupted courts operate . All public record. Wrong court. Defendents notify themselves While on stay Dirty judge enters motion to dismiss 2 4 15 Hearing 9am 2 6 15. Claims dismissed due to counsel failed to appear. On 34 hr notice. Causes 4yrs of delays. Damaging case intentionally. This. Is fact! Anyone needs proof in future corruption. Again. Public record!!! Custer vs hartline. Grand Rapids. Judge dales. Public record. You will find the truth. Cheif dirt even violated fed stay order once witness list and moisd complaint to mediation failed. His wife was involved. Took my case file for retaliation kept it. Threatened us over it. Then after we refused a copy. We left without it. Wow. Really. Threat to the integrity of judtice as theide says about dirty jachelvichs case. Lol. What justice system. Again proof to judge dirt. Is very well doccumented. Including retaliation for exposing his wife's special privlages. Lol. Iep teacher. Accessing info at home. While hubby destroys case. Then exposed. Retaliates against the same child. This is the integrity of mecosta county justice. Lmao Again to see cheif dirts actions in their entirety. Custer vs hartline. Custer vs larson. Oh. The larson case is his case. We never filed. Again lmao

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