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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
North Dakota

I’m temporarily impaired and the guards helped me by bringing a clerk of court to the front door for me instead of sending me all over the building. I really appreciated the assistance.

I think its messed up that you didn't make people pay the taxes prior but now new owners and youre jumping down my throat trying to get money they owed. Did you threaten to take away the home when they had it? Nope bet not cause they were still living here. Then tell me you are going to call me back and next thing I know I'm getting papers from the sheriff. Cause that's easier for you .take someone's home instead of talk to them and clear things up.

Complete waste of my time. There employees are real bad they don't seem to clean. I went to talk about my license and i would just suggest to go to Devils lake I will never return to Mrs. Busse for any of my questions.

Having called them for the first time I was very pleased with the service I was provided. Friendly staff. Very professional and answered all of my questions.

Clerk of courts has the worst secretary I ever met in my life. She needs to be re-educated on her duties and given lessons on how to speak to the public.

They're open until 5, but for some reason you can never get in after 4:45. For people with normal working hours, it's hard to get in, even when you leave work a little early thinking you should have time.

This building belongs to Deputy Crone. He alone regulates who is allowed to enter and attend public proceedings here.