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Okaloosa County, Florida

I recently went to help my dad pay off something with in the clerks office and I have never been so disappointed. The woman Beverly Hill within the cashier department must of had a bad day because she sure needed someone to take it out on. I am so polite, but today she really tried to bring the fire out of me. I know the court house has all types of people coming in and out of there but there is no reason for the staff to be treating people the way they do. I had to talk to someone else because Beverly was so harsh on the subject instead of trying to help the confusion. The woman who came out fixed the problem within two seconds. If Beverly would of had that professionalism I wouldn’t be making this post. The reason that place is almost unbearable to go in to is because of the staff. It would be nice to hire people out of the community who have a little compassion.

Me and my fiance were trying to get our marriage license ONLINE. First off, the website gives no explanation of the process, which would have been nice to know that you have to set up a scheduled Webcam meeting. After filling out the application and getting the transaction number, we received no instruction on what to do next. We waited for about 30 minutes with no reply so I called and a nice lady got us in the system, shortly after I received a text that you reply with your transaction number, so I did. Waited another 30 minutes with no further instruction, by this time it was close to closing so I called back and got another employee that was a little less than nice. She for the life of her couldn't figure out that we were both waiting to do an ONLINE meeting, mainly because everytime she asked a question, she would interrupt my answer with another question. She did try to fit us in last minute to get our license, which would have been nice.... had we been there in person. All in all there needs to be more instruction one the process of things.