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Pima County, Arizona

I am have been very impressed with the Pima County Probate Clerk's staff. I have been in on a number of very complex (to me, at least) matters and have found every single person with whom i've spoken, on the phone and in person, patient, very knowledgeable, helpful above and beyond what anyone might reasonably expect. Obviously, folks are brought to this counter at difficult times. The professionalism, kindness and courtesy I have personally consistently witnessed helps families, lawyers and the Court get things done in a correct, prompt and efficient manner. Pima County is fortunate to have the great leadership and staff in our Probate Clerk's office!

This is the worst court. The clerks have no empathy for people. I went in with my 3 months old baby to submit her passport application and they told me that starting TODAY they will taking only appointments. I requested that it's my 2nd time and I have a 3 months baby and I have all the documents ready, so please just take my application and it wouldn't take long because I don't want to risk my baby by coming here again and again. But they didn't listen. It is a pathetic place with pathetic people. Shame on you.