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Pinal County, Arizona

Yesterday I was doing a service job shopping for someone who had just had surgery. Due to Covid and all things at hand the individual was stocking up! I had two full carts and was probably very entertaining to watch push across the parking lot. The one cart had 10 flats of water 4-12 packs of cokes, and 2-8 packs of gatos. A gentleman that I believe called himself HAL OSGOOD saw me struggling to get across the lot to my truck. He had just come from a local courthouse still in uniform as I believe the deputy bailiff. He rushed to assist me to give me a hand to the truck and then even went the extra mile to assist me with loading the flats in the back of the truck. Thank you, thank you , thank you, for your kind service and for taking action to assist with my large load. Hal, When I delivered the groceries to the lady was extremely thankful and I heard her yell it from the door as her son gave me a hand in unloading. Hal, you rock! Thank you for your service to the community the court system and to me and also the lady that is recouping. In any pandemic more than ever do we need to learn to come together and it all starts the healing process when we reach out to serve and assist one another. Hal, you wear that badge of honor with integrity, pure heart, and you take action when you feel the urge. Love and light to you and your loved ones! 🙏🏽 thank you brother. J.W.