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Placer County, California

They did not even answer the phone. I was not able to access my case information online and their was a prompt to contact them instead so I tried to call them as I have twice before and also did Not reach a human being. I have been on hold now for 56 minutes and getting impatient. If they were on lunch they should indicate the times on their phone message announcing they will not be accepting any call during that specific hour. Absolutely tedious situation trying to get help from these people. Don’t they want me to pay my ticket so They can get their money ?!?!? It’s never been so hard to give someone my money! Too bad I can’t add a photo of my wait time.

Toni in the clerk's office was amazing. So helpful and knowledgeable and patient with all my mistakes. Could not have gotten my documents filed without her help and it was a very important issue Toni treated as if it were her own problem. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

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