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Plumas County, California

I can honestly say that this county, court system, and CPS can care LESS about the best interest for a child. I underwent a custody hearing in this county, and I have never seen such negligence, and such a EXTREME case of a violation of rights as judge Douglas Proudy had portrayed. And no means whatsoever what is the custody hearing at all a fair and just hearing! Judge proudy completely ignored all evidence of methamphetamine use and possible child neglect along with photos of marks and bruises all over my child’s body due to the neglect and carelessness of the mother. He overruled all my objections during the hearing. On the court date before this hearing even began he informed the mother that she would need to file all proper paperwork before the next court date. She handed my attorney the filed paperwork herself five minutes prior to walking through that quart room door the following court date. Therefore that paperwork should not have been allowed. The mother provided the witness list and called up a friend of hers to the stand that was not on the witness list whatsoever. Judge proudy allowed him to testify right after stating that he himself back when he was a lawyer defended and represented the witness on the stand. HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Also, a part of all the filing fees that I had paid, should have paid for a court reporter in the room. In which there was absolutely no court reporter whatsoever! The mother also has numerous methamphetamine uses on her record as well as having her son removed from her custody by CPS. Judge proudy what is negligent and careless on all these matters and disregarded my concern for my daughter safety. She has also violated court orders. On top of fleeing the county with the child upon a welfare check and providing false addresses to an officer at the Greenville sheriffs department. I will be making this matter beyond public! I have already made several phone calls on this matter. If anything happens to my child while being in the care of her mother it will rest upon not only the judge but CPS in the entire county‘s sholders! This county is an absolute joke and I will be sure to first hand it is looked into. Now if the mother was a good mother and it was a fair hearing I would have nothing to say and except the ruling of the mother being granted full custody. However there were many things done by the judge that are very suspect and shows that he has absolutely no care in the world for the child’s best interest

Looks like a fifth grader made the website. Completely unprofessional. And how the heck do you look up a court case?!

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