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Pulaski County, Indiana

The best thing about the Pulaski County Courthouse is that you can walk into any room at any time & say, "I object!" Often, the room will stand aghast at the sudden incursion. You will get snears. You will get snears. But there is a process to this. The most senior person in the room will then tell the junior officer to note your objection. They must then completely redo whatever task they were just working on. The review of the 1987 fiscal tax gross earning? Back to January 1st, Thelma. Grant application for the new orphanage & garment factory? Start the durn thing over, Sylvester. The objections are then themselves processed on a monthly basis & reviewed by committee. Wanna get meta? Voice an objection during an objection review board. The date & time is posted on the corkboard. That's all I'm saying.

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