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Queens County, New York

Need to get in touch with a clerk to ask a question about filing for a voluntary administrator and there's no service what so ever. You call and it goes to voice mail. What am I to do?

They took my taxes and my stimulus check, mind you I’ve been paying child support for years. My case is a unilateral case handled by both NY/VA. Virginia has been garnishing the child support directly out of my military check from DFAS for years, however NY legally owns the case because it was opened in their state. NY gave no guidance to the state of Virginia on how the funds should be transferred to my son’s mother. Meanwhile VA was sending the money directly to her after they were collecting it from me. It took NY 3 years to say that this was the wrong procedure. They told my son’s mother that the state of VA shouldn’t be sending her money directly, and that they should be sending it to them first before it was given to her. All this time the state of NY stayed silent while arrears were piling up in my name. They didn’t take the initiative nor did they have the common sense to contact my case worker in Virginia to see where I was at on my payments, and to ask them for financial documentation so they could cross reference with their records. The state of Virginia has found me within good standings with my CS payments. However I still have to deal with NY because they have jurisdiction over the case. It's unfortunate because they are very unorganized, unaware, unprofessional, and rude. I reached out to my congressman and State Senator for help. If that doesn’t work I am going to seek legal consultation from a competent CS lawyer. It is sad that I have result to these types of measures but the state of NY CS agency will leave a person with no choice. NY agreed to have the state of VA handle enforcing the payments for the case so why wouldn't they go to the source to find out where the money is and where I am at with my payments?