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Rensselaer County, New York

Two stars instead of one since someone is actually on the line for court appointed calls... but other than that, you call and get nothing. With scheduled calls as well, they always ask "are you still there?", "I can't hear you", etc when I'm talking clearly.. and my phone is literally at my face so it's at optimal closeness.. but I'm fairly soft spoken (but not that soft so no one can hear me on a day to day basis) That being said, their call system mustn't be that great...

I filed a Complaint Motion there as Pro Se (myself being my own legal representation - a legal right to every literate U.S. citizen), having very little legal knowledge and experience other than what is available on the internet, and the Clerks there were very professional, considerate, and helpful - true examples of American Constitution caretakers/employees and American democracy in action. I had previously filed as Pro Se in Albany County Supreme Court and the Clerks there would barely even look at me because I wasn't a lawyer. The Clerks at Albany County Supreme Court would constantly claim that it was against the law to give me legal advice to any question I asked, when that only applies to legal content not the actual process of filing within a Court. The Clerks at Rensselaer County Supreme Court answered every filing process question I had with direct, well spoken, clear, knowledgeable, answers. Not one of them was unfamiliar with their Court's processing, and there is a lot to know - a lot of steps in filing. Only one of the four clerks at Rensselaer was like the Clerks at Albany where she was affronted in having to serve the public and not a lawyer.