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Saratoga County, New York

I have been in the office and called multiple times in order to complete estate work. Everyone has always been super helpful and friendly.

We have gone before Jensen way more than anyone would like to. She has NEVER ahead any empathy or compassion. She continues to give my step children’s manipulative narcissistic mother whatever she asks. Loves to tell everyone what a waste of time and money we are. Has called my step kids mother the wrong name on several occasions because she fails to have the correct order in front of her. She also has never looked at the past orders and taken anything into account from the long history between my husband and his children’s mother. If she was a good judge she’d have a clue what was going on with each case. Instead she is demeaning and rude. She flat out refused to let my husband take the modification to trial. How is that ok? We have the right to seek the best for our children. She should not be a family court judge.