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Scott County, Indiana

This is the most clown town three ring circus-esque courthouse I've ever had the misfortune of visiting. The building feels like a rat maze with little signage or instruction on where offices are at. Certain offices are behind doors that are also behind doors. The superior court room has no PA system, limited seating and no instructions on how to proceed in the actual court room. Scott County's finest constantly drag their Jordan flip flop laden feet through the halls, always needing to pull their baggy drooping basketball shorts back up above their belt lines. Their sports brand athletic t shirts which are several sizes too large, does not give them any justice either especially in this Ringling Brother's wannabe courtroom. Just remember, if you have a court hearing set in the superior court, you can just barge right into the court room like a silverback gorilla, because they won't come out and call you if there's no seating and you're stuck out in the hallway. This is an extremely unprofessional court house where claimants can smack their lips chewing gum while talking to the judge and big shoed clowns can just trudge into the courtroom wearing their casual workwear.