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Sitka Borough, Alaska

Very negative experience in court for the last couple years. Lack of wanting to understand situations before winging out decisions. Missing very important details like abuse of children that have lasting negative impact for children and those who care for them. It's so incredibly far off the mark for example, a five year old girl getting covered in big purple bruisies wasn't significant. A bruise in the shape of a hand my sons face isn't worth considering. Since the custody decision my son and daughter have been locked outside at night, my daughter thrown head first into a desk, son thrown across the room ect. On and on it goes. I bet it would be noteworthy if it was their 5 of 6 year old getting beaten. Worst I've ever experienced. Sitka needs a judge that will hear children out as part of his or her decision instead of making excuses why he should hear then out and ignore whatever they have reported. Flat disgusting.

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