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Surry County, North Carolina

I was in a situation where someone wrote bad checks on me and I did not want the person to go to jail because at the time they were dealing with an addiction but agreed to go to rehab so I paid the checks and the lady that I paid the monies to was the clerk of court and her name was Joan Simpson and this was 2010 and praise God she still works there today! She is absolutely the greatest she worked with me until I got it all paid off and she wasn't hard on me if I missed a payment because I would just simply tell her the truth and she was there for me and understood what I was going other words she's just great at what she does! She is the kind of person that needs to be working in these types of places and I just thank God for her and I thank God for sharing her with the world because she is absolutely in Earth Angel 🌎😇 and to be honest even though I had to pay money I thank God I got to cross paths with this lady because she gave me hope that I still have today 10 years later that there are still wonderful people in the world blessings to all of you and yours, Shan Manning 🙏🏼💞💯