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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
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Boone County, Missouri

I had court scheduled for a certain time on a certain day. My family was so excited and were on pins and needles waiting for our court day to finally arrive. It finally came and we even arrived early. We sat in the courtroom and listened to other peoples court cases and our turn never came. We found out, after a hour of sitting and waiting, that our court was canceled. Nobody from the courthouse contacted us to inform us that they canceled our court even though they had my information on 7 different packets. We recieved no email, phone call, or letter to let us know. We took time off of work, time from our day, and prepared for this day just to have it pulled from under our feet. If there was a different courthouse I could go to for what I need to get done I would definitely take my business there. Now we get the pleasure of doing this all over again next month. Hopefully the clerks do not mess up yet again and hopefully we can actually be seen.

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