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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
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Cook County, Georgia

I'm going to be quick and straight to the point because my story can be very long but I want to give a shorter version for the sake of those with short attention spans. I traveled almost 6 hours to Adele Georgia from my home state and I mean when I tell you I was scared when I pulled up to this courthouse my mind only saw two options pay or stay.Come to find out never judge a building from the outside because truly it's what lays in the inside of the heart of those employees that work there. Everyone was nice from the front desk all the way to the court staff it was a quick and painless process. But what made my Day was a man by the name of Judge may I add your HONOR Chase Daughtrey he treated me like a human and not an inmate ou r criminal he took the time to listen to me instead of form his own conclusion I'm so glad to have met this Judge what ab outstanding person Thank you your Honor Thank you may Gods blessing and peace cover your entire life forever . THANKS