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Erie County, New York

In the past I have had decent interaction with the surrogates court. When my fiancé passed away from a traumatic brain injury 2 months before our son was born, and right before we to be married, all proceeds from his estate were put into a guardianship account which I could withdraw from to provide clothing for our son. I have always mailed in the clothing receipts with my request for withdrawal as I was instructed to do from the very start 2 and a half years ago. Now the court is working remotely due to the pandemic to be safe. However this arrangement has caused issues. When I mailed in my clothing reimbursement request in September 2020 the court misplaced the receipts I mailed in with my withdrawal request. The caveat is they approved the request for withdrawal which is dated 10/13/2020. I mailed back the proof of withdrawal per the court instructions. They told me at the end October they do not have the clothing receipts and need me to send. I have told the court that I cannot give them what they already have. I am being bullied by Kaitlin Reinhard, Bernadette, Alessi and Rebecca Dina LaCivita. I have ALWAYS mailed in my receipts with my petition for withdrawal. I have told them to check my record. They refuse. I have repeatedly said I mailed them with my withdrawal request and they all believe I am lying. This is the final email I sent today to the court because I have had enough of being bullied by this court. “As I have always done, I mailed the clothing receipts with my request for withdrawal in September 2020. Check all previous mailed in requests which I have submitted, including receipts, with my requests for withdrawal. I cannot give you something I already mailed to the court in September with my initial request for withdrawal. I cannot be more clear with you. I clearly see the court refuses to admit the mistake and accidentally misplaced my mailed in receipts for clothing reimbursement request sent in for September 2020, which happened given the court working remotely during a pandemic. It is sad the court chooses to bully and treat innocent people like criminals and adamantly refuses to be accountable and take responsibility for an honest mistake on the courts part, misplacing receipts I mailed in with the request for withdrawal. I mailed it all in the same package. I have been through enough heartbreak with the loss of my fiancé, our family and future together. Travis and I had been together since we were 12. Most importantly, my son not having his father, my panther and best friend. Remember the people the court treats so poorly are human beings with feelings. Merry Christmas to you and happy new year. Regards,”

Really not much to it..This building has alot of things going on, that I am not aware about. Came for moral support for a friend, that was getting a petition filed. The people that we were directed to for guidance, was great and very helpful.

The miserable lady at the counter needs to be fired. Inexcusable rude behavior.