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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
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Fulton County, Georgia

Imagine being a senior citizen and waiting in line for a probate docs for hour thus only to realize you could walk right in to get assistance.. The deputy at the door was no help.. he was helpful after all of that. Once inside.. We were greeted with a no so nice and attitude from the clwrk Nikema Thomas.. she needs to respect her senior citizens and check her tone in how she speaks and mannerisms. I wanted to say but i held my peace. Anywho.. its a shame alot of this stuff should be electronic or via zoom especially gun permits and marriage that explains the long lines.. I HOPE TO SEE A BETTER TURNAROUND IN THE FUTURE!

I have never been to a government site that had people so helpful and friendly! They actually seem happy to help and not filled with contempt by you! I was there twice last month and each time, the people there were so helpful and happy to do so!!!

I went with my finance to get our marriage license on a Wednesday morning. The building is a bit hard to navigate but staff was very helpful making it no problem. The whole process took roughly 45 minutes + another 15 minutes to park and walk to the building. All and all we had a very nice experience. Special thanks to the folks at front door security for their help and kind words!

Hmm... seems we're having a hard time finding a registered probate clerk for this location, but we'd really appreciate you dropping us a note if you have a recommended probate clerk or probate judge in mind for us to add for this location:  support@weareatticus.com