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Henry County, Georgia

From the moment I walked through the door the woman at the front door behaved grumpy like me being there ruined her day. There was no greeting and the first thing she said to me was what are you here for. She eventually warmed up though. The receptionist was pleasant, however the next women I worked with was Roshika Patterson and she was extremely rude. As I approached her desk she was talking to another associate but stuck her hand out at me waving for me to hand her something. She didn’t even look at me and there was no greeting! I said good morning and asked her what documents she needed. She took the paper I received from the receptionist and gave me forms to verify the information on the forms. I pointed out that my phone number was incorrect and she told me to scratch it out and write in the correct number. I asked her if she had a pen that I could use and her response was “there’s a pen right there” with a huge attitude! The pen was attached to a chain and was hanging down so low I didn’t even notice it in my peripheral vision! I responded by saying that “I wouldn’t have asked her for a pen if I saw the pen hanging down” and felt like I should apologize (which I did) since my question seemed to upset her. Once I finished the forms she and paid she directed me to wait in the lobby. The next employee I worked with was officer K. Palmer and he was extremely pleasant! He addressed me by name, answered all of my questions, and was very positive overall. The one positive experience was that I was in and out! The process flowed smoothly. If a supervisor/manager happens to read this review please talk with your staff about being more pleasant. The rudeness was not necessary nor did I deserve it.

John on the 1st floor at the Civil /Divorce counter had the best attitude and very willing to help me with my problem. He followed all the way through and I’m thankful for him taking the time to treat me right. Recognize John as an outstanding essential worker. Let him get a raise.

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