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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
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Jackson County, Missouri

I got commission Tiffany D. Gregg she use cuss words in her court room and she rude and I don't agree with her views or how she does her job as a judge I have trued to put a complaint in on her but I have not found any one who over see her I have called the gov office and attorney general office but I keep get in road blocks and it's time for her to go this is not a place for her at all and I have called and put complain abort her and no one can tell me who is over her

Hmm... seems we're having a hard time finding a registered probate clerk for this location, but we'd really appreciate you dropping us a note if you have a recommended probate clerk or probate judge in mind for us to add for this location:  support@weareatticus.com