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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Nice and friendly staff helped me view some really illuminating public records on a civil case even though they were from almost 10 years ago. Boy did I dodge a bullet.

Heather is the most ornery, unhelpful person I’ve ever had to deal with. Just unnecessarily mean and smug.

I' am having state Judges investigated fo documents fraud ,Raceteering ,cloning with criminal, malice, deception, exploitation embezzlement, abduction by deception, alienation by wrounghful death ,x5 personal accountability brutality restraints of a controlled chemicals, forced interaction,attempted murder by use of a noncompliance animal ,gang stalking,racketeering of business court funds, extortion ,personal endangorment,alienation, isolation, neglecting the employee's responsibility, intent to scheme criminal activity ,theft by deception, terrorizing by force of a deadly controlled substances, bodily injuries,cruel tourous punishment by falsified submitted system for personal popularity & interest gain.// Buzzell ...

They were not helpful and very rude!!! I just needed a packet to evict a renter and they didn't even mention a packet When I asked they said nope we don't have one. They said I had to print and find a notice to quit on my own. Which was a lie. They were very unprofessional. And NOT ONE BIT HELPFUL -Y5

Very nice 👌👍 now have done alot of updates renovations ect much better access