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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Beautiful facility, but it's not a place you want to be when your in trouble. Be good everyone!

Make sure you keep all paperwork and transactions. Get a copy of the court hearing. After 5 years they 'just realized' I didn't pay a full amount and added ridiculous fees. Since they didn't have accurate info, records I had to pay an extra $400 for an error on their end. Since I didn't have documents from 5 years ago I could not do anything about it.

Ashley Roesner is great I called and needed help And recieved great Customer service thank you For being awesome

Very very long wait to talk with representative. If your asking a question like why can't I find my ticket on the website, you will get an answer like, it can take 45-60 days, or up to 30 days to show up online or be entered in the system. The representative who finally answered, who I waited 30 plus minutes to talk to (yes I know they're very busy), said your ticket is not in the system, call back in 2-3 weeks to pay or possibly be eligible for traffic school. The representative abruptly hung up on me when I told her I was moving out of state and asked if I could resolve my ticket or do traffic school online ...I totally get it my ticket is not in the system and your very busy, but no need to be so so rude....

It seems weird to give a place a "loved it" rating when you are paying a traffic ticket, but I dealt with Danielle and was friendly, and seemed like she was a genuine person. So while I tried to figure out how to pay online and didn't succeed, dealing with a pleasant person was great. I even received a call back after calling during a lunch hour. I'll try to remember to snap a picture the next time I'm going by.... maybe I'll try to get over my fear of this town and explore a little. Haha

Stopped for gas in Eureka after driving east on Hwy 50 which is a must when driving the Lincoln Highway in Nevada. Directly across the street from the gas station sits the most majestic building in town, the Eureka County Courthouse. Built of bricks in an Italianate style, it is only one of two Nevada courthouses built in the 19th century which is still in use. A perfectly proportioned architectural design makes this courthouse a real standout.

If you’re into Salem witch trials and prosecutorial misconduct Judge Cowley is so corrupt and I know this because I was convicted of crimes I did not commit and that we’re committed against me ! It’s a sickening world when you are guilty from what words people say and when they ignore your bruises and injuries because their male chauvinist this Courthouse is a disgrace to our country !

Citation paid back in 2010. Now all of a sudden a warrant but yet no one has a case number or anything and just getting the run around. worst court system ever!

The were super nice when having to be told to have your court hearing out in your car

Every single time I have gone to the Storey County Courthouse I have been helped with quick, efficient, and knowledgeable staff. I have gone in for my DMV registration, transfer of ownership‘s, license renewals, etc... Their DMV is awesome! I’ve gone in to the court clerks office and have had amazing help from everybody in the office. Honestly, I can’t say enough good about this Department Cluster!!! Cluster, (i.e., Multiple Departments in one location!) Small town living is a blessing!🥰

Here's the most people who have to deal with the court system are in a compromised position and therefor are not going to be happy with their experience, expected. However when it comes down to dealing with the people who work here in the filing office they are as considerate as can be expected- it can be the easiest to constantly be asked questions that you are not allowed to answer because it would be considered legal advice- something they cannot give....hats ofc to y'all. And thanks for the assistance you provide

I was looking for old family records, and the staff was very patient and helpful. And they directed me to more records at the library and the sheriff's office.