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New Hampshire

Very kind people, have given my son a great deal of attention. He loves going there to get a lolly pop and say hello to everyone. I wish you all the best.

Very good court, the restrooms are very clean and the judges are very fair. Highly recommended for the discerning criminal.

What's to days it's a court house will maintained looks nice but for the most part no one wants to be there

The buildings and facilities are nice, the courtroom has a theater feel to it the way the pews are designed but the parking lot is only accessible from one side making it very confusing if you're coming from the south and the guards at the door told us we were an hour late & our hearing had just ended which wasn't true at all...we were 10 mins late because of road work and the judge was reasonable Thank God. I'm a little disappointed in the system as to why I even have to appear there, I'm not guilty of the charge against me and it's hard to believe our systems are built on lies and false information. Justice to me, means finding the truth & nothing but the truth and prosecuting criminals, not innocent people who are just trying to live their lives free from abuse etc.

Someone has stolen my photo from my website and created a fake profile to leave bad reviews for courthouses and other NH attorneys. I did not submit the bad review.

I took a couple of cases here in 2015, and was not operating with a lawyer, nor a Court appointed one. Neither am I a lawyer. Therefore, I had initial difficulty understanding the process, but did eventually get some handle on it. I had a Civil case. I did enjoy the politeness and concern of the law clerks of the Court, but was not generally impressed by the help of the basic staff... There are too stringent rules, in my opinion, which they are placed under, so as not to be seen as 'helping', in any bias sense, a defendant or Plaintiff. Come the court day, which was actually an initial hearing, I was again disappointed in that they shuffled us into Court, and had the next case's participants lining up in Court -- in the very same room -- behind us, as if they were in a hurry to get us (me) out of the way... And then eventually my case was never heard on the merits: quite disillusioning, after all my troubles. I thought I was being prejudged without even being heard. The building itself is an old circa 1900 structure, which they have built over, and remodeled, with the typical modern screened plastic see-through fencing, making it all the more difficult for a novice to learn, be understood, and made to feel welcome. Yet the more critical end is the justice itself, or lack of it, and in the case of Merrimack Superior Court I did walk away disappointed. There are all sorts of silly technical rules and laws these days protecting entrenched interests, yet there should always exist a Judge, and staff, that is sympathetically wanting to hear your case without at all prejudging you. I thought they were lacking in this respect. As a final word, the 300$ fee for filing a case, this being besides summoning and notification fees, is ridiculous, and represents an abuse of the public trust.

Poor. I had a vehicle awarded to me 2 plus years ago. The ex wont give me Info on pay off or if already paid or if it's going to be repossessed. Filed a motion to compel. They wont rule on it till July..... WTF after its repossessed cause the ex cant follow a court order???? This court is totally bias. And cant even stand by it's own orders. Just drags everything out.

Well maintained. Good security. Baliffs are helpful. I think there are still clerks to answer questions, but, the forms you need are now online. Plenty of parking.

We had a great experience with this court . All started in 2016 and ended in 2018 it was a long 2yrs but the results in the end were wonderful.