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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
Rhode Island

This court house was beautifully redone! Absolutely love the art and landscape aswell as the smaller court rooms!! Timing in here is usually fast because they hold less cases! Was very pleased the staff!! Prefer here over providence court house!

This is absolutely ludicrous!!!! I’m immuno compromised older person and no one will listen to a word I say!!! So the court can refuse me entry to me?

Rudest people on the face of the earth. Can’t get a word in before getting hung up on. Good Job with our tax dollars, Providence. Why don’t you hire some decent people.

I love owr judge DiCaprio he is Awsome judge hes wise and understanding judge i got a red light citation by via camera shot we whent over the video i said yes im guilty but the judge dismissed my citation home free and i got a parking ticket he dismissed that to a very good judge i wish i can give him 100 stars

They are so incompetent they don't know who to send you to for filing a restraining order. They have you send it to police stations and tells you you have to take it to the sherriff in Cranston yourself when the person you are filing against lives in North Kingstown. When they do give in and serve them they give them the old order to appear a week ago. So again it doesn't get done. Skip the Mickey mouse show go to Kent county or even providence